Solid steel or matrix-bodied bits that are designed for high-speed drilling applications and use fixed blade cutters to shave away rock and shale formations. PDCs are guaranteed to increase RoP and lower your drilling cost.

Varel PDC Drill Bits

IMax Bits
Voyager Bits
Raider Bits
Steel Body Bits
Diamond Edge Bits
VB Series Bits
Hole Opener Bicenter Bits
Specialty Bits


Tricone drill bits come in a variety of shapes and sizes with variable cutting structures. Steel Tooth and Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) bits are available in sealed or open bearing. Hybrids are also available upon request and have proved to be superior workover and frac hole bits.

Varel Roller Cone Drill Bits

SlipStream® RC Pro
High Energy™ Series Bits
High Roller Series Bits
A-Force® Series Bits
Compass® Series Bits
DuraTech™ Series Bits
Workover Bits


Hammer bits, drag bits, hole openers, and custom sizes are all available upon request. We work with a number of different companies who specialize in all things BHA to guarantee we can meet customer drilling needs. Call us for custom orders and specially engineered bits today.